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15 Yr Old Girl Allegedly Cures A Mad Woman.
Author: By Nna Anulumadu
Published on: Wednesday, April 06, 2016

It was like a mellow drama recently when a mentally sick woman who was mad for many years was allegedly cured by a 15 year girl name Chinyere Okonta.

Trinitas gathered that the woman before regaining her senses used to roam the streets of Onitsha without bearings. Most often she stays at a particular point along the mission road at Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity Onitsha.

Narrating the development to Trinitas the young girl Chinyere who is an SSII student of Gipps Secondary School Onitsha disclosed that she used see the madwoman at a particular point each time she was going to school. According to the girl, the woman's madness always gives her worry. “Each time I saw her in dirty cloths, feeding from the gutter I would be filled with pity and sadness for her even though I did not know where she comes from or who she is.

However, it was last year 2015 that I started realizing that each time I passed the mad woman in the street, in the night I saw my self  dreaming of where I prayed for a mad woman on a street and she is cured instantly.

In my subsequent dreams, I noticed that the face of the lunatic I cured in my dream resembled the very madwoman I used to see on my way to school.

After a while it becomes clearer to me that each day I happen to trek along the way that mentally sick woman stays, in the night I will dream of where I prayed for her and she becomes fine.  However, to me that was a mere dream.

Shortly after the last Christmas holidays, we resumed school in January 2016, and I started seeing the madwoman again and that same dream came back.

In the first instance, I don't know what to do whether to pray for the woman or even to talk to her while going to school.

Initially I was afraid of nearing a mad person let alone praying for he or she but along the line I started gathering courage but not too sure that what happened in my dreams can work out physically.

In addition I chose not to disclose or share the dreams with anybody. I kept it to myself.

One morning as I was going to school, I sighted the tattered and retched madwoman again and immediately something stroke me to stop in her front. Not just that, strength and courage came into me to the extent that I was no longer afraid. Within some seconds, I saw myself praying for that woman asking God to cure her of her madness. Even at that particular moment, passers-by who saw me may think that I am not normal because I was dressed in my school uniform, doing something unusual. After the short prayers, I was convinced in my heart that the madwoman has received healing.

Although she uttered no word or shows no signs of improvement, yet I was convinced that something good has happened to that madwoman. I left her and hurriedly went to school”.

Chinyere a Delta state girl who is also the Chapel prefect of her school told the press that she was so excited in the school same day to the point that she hinted some of the students who are her close friends and who also used to see the same madwoman on the street about how she prayed for her “I minced no words in telling my friends at school that the woman is healed. However, some of them expressed doubt; still few of them believed me.

The following morning before setting for school I have already decided to pray for the same woman again at least to see if what happened in my dream will reoccur physically.

As God will have it, I spotted her again at the same point and kicked off prayers. This time I was with few of my fellow students including the senior prefect our school name Peter Elu who happened to meet me on my way to school. Recalling the story I told them about what happened the previous day, they quickly joined me in prayers.

To our greatest surprise not long the prayer started, the madwoman countenance started changing. She began to behave as someone whose sense is returning. At a point we asked her if she would want us to barb her unkempt dirty smelling hair, she accepted willingly and started following us.

By this time, crowd has gathered around us. Many of them came to have a glimpse of what was happening while one of them name Augustine Onyeje a business man offered to assist us by providing money which we used in purchasing some of the barbing items and other personal effects for the woman.”

It was learnt that Chinyere a daughter of a police man and her friends took the woman to a corner and barbed her hair before the very presence of the press.

They were singing and praising God as they were cleaning up her hair.

Soon after the barbing session, the same group took the woman to another place and solicited for a chance so that she can take her bathe.

The same students who bordered less about their studies that morning went on begging in side Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity so that they can clothe the woman.

Fortunately for them, Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) office in Basilica provided them with cloths. In essence the woman changed to new clothes after taking her bathe.

On the advice of people who witnessed the development Chinyere and her group brought the woman to Trinitas Newspaper's office where she was interviewed. She simply gave her name as Okwuchukwu but was so weak and tired to say more about her identity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Augustine Onyeje who spoke to press on this said he was on a bike going to his shop at main market when he saw a group of people gathered.

“The 'Okada' man that was taking me to the market ran and passed the scene but on a second thought, I ordered the cyclist to turn back and stop me at that very scene.

To be honest my mind told me that I may be of great assistance to whatever that may be happening there.

Swallowed by such thought, I dismissed the 'Okada' man and started assisting the students in taking care of the woman they cured”

Trinitas learnt that Mr. Onyeje another good “Samaritan” took the woman to a nearby guest house at Onitsha and lodged her in because the woman was yet to recall fully where she came from. Onyeje actually paid her bills and feed her at the guest house for more than three days before her relatives could be located.

According to the Onyeje, after two days in the guest house, by God's providence, a security man attached to a patrol station around the mission road name Chinedu who heard about what happened to the former madwoman surfaced and admitted to be one of the relatives to the woman. It was the security man that eventually disclosed the full identity of the woman, revealing her name as Mrs. Okwuchukwu Anyaegbunem a native of Asabor Ayamelum local government of Anambra state. The security man further revealed that the woman was married and had four children before she became mentally sick. 

The woman who has fully recovered and had her sense restored, recognized the security man as her relative.

The security man who was also surprised and elated on how the woman was cured immediately went to their village and announced the good news.

As of the press time, the woman had since returned to her home town while reliable sources confirmed that she is still in a stable condition. It also gathered that the management of the guest house where the revived woman was lodged refunded Onyeje the bills he paid, stating that it was part of their effort and contribution in rehabilitating the woman.

Reports reaching Trinitas Newspaper's office revealed that the security man  Chinedu who was the first to surface as the woman's relative last week set on fire his fetish items and idol.

When asked his reason, he told people that he never knew that only prayer can cure a mad person, confessing that he was belittling the powers in prayer but now he has realized that he was actually wasting his time and resources worshiping idol and gods that could not cure her sister of her madness.

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