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The Man Who Named His Dog ‘Buhari”
Author: Trinitas
Published on: Monday, September 05, 2016

Currently, one of the trending strides making the rounds both in the net and conventional news media is the funny but reckless story of one Mr. Joachim Iroko who named his dog ‘Buhari’ in Sango, Ogun state, Nigeria.

            Following his mischivious conduct, his neighbor who claim his father’s name was Alhaji Buhari, said their family felt insulted by the conduct and antics of the man.

            He was subsequently reported to the police and the police in their wisdom arrested Mr. Iroko who was earlier released for what the police described as ‘protective custody’ only for him to be later arrigned before the Ota Magistrate Court 2, Ogun state for conduct likely to cause breach of the peace.

            We commend the Nigeria police, Ogun state for taking the proactive action by promptly arresting and arraigning the man before a competent court which will eventually do justice to the matter.

            It is a arguable in legal circles that it does not constitute a criminal offence for one to name his pet after someone’s name but in this very case, the accused was deliberately or intentionally out to do some mischief and that was morally wrong and could generate public disorder.

            It is commonly observed that acts that are morally wrong, always point to illegalities and criminal acts which was the veiled intension of Mr. Iroko.

            By the timely action of the police, it has saved the country another kind of senseless and unwarton case of ethnic or religious crisis which in similar situation in the past led to fear blood letting and riots.

            It was in the news that point of the reason why the police re-arrested Mr. Iroko whose name was earlier given as Joe Fortemose Chinakwe was that the Hausa and Muslim community had threatened to kill the accused if the police did not follow due process having been convinced that the man (Iroko) meant to denigrade, insult, mock or ridicule the name of his neighbor by naming his dog with such.

            This is even more grievously disrespectful when a citizen knows that the President of his nation who does not share the same religious faith or inclination with him bears such a name.

            From all indications, Mr. Iroko’s conduct stood him out as one who was out for a mischief and should explain himself thoroughly before he is let off the hook otherwise he should go in for it to serve as a deterrent to others.

            We have it in the scripture where our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to ‘do unto others what you would like to be done unto’.

            The sucidial action of Mr. Iroko was heightened by the inscription of the name ‘Buhari’ on the poor dog which reportedly strayed over to the enclave of the muslims dominated area.

            If the Muslims had killed the dog wittenly, the accused could have made a case to get something out of it.

            Nigerians of different religious extractions or faiths should learn to tolerate others.

            Others who share the same attitude of derogatory disposition towards others should have a re-think.

            In this case therefore, the true heroes are the complainants who did not take the laws into their hands during the barefaced provocation but decided to tow the path of the law.



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