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Message of The Second Onitsha Archdiocesan Synod

(NUNTIUS) 22-28 May, 2016


1.    ... Continue

There is always risk in standing in the way of evil men whether in government, business or private life. But there are times when one's faith and conscience lead one to ri... Continue

Politics – Gozie Agbakoba’s “Bal Playin”

We have never in doubt that all the confusion in Nigerian today is traceable to &quo... Continue

    I can turn to the days of old when men appeared to hold the monopoly of civil service appointments particularly in the fields of engineering, mechanical ser... Continue

The much-talked about general elections have come and passed. It has been won and lost, with fortunes hardly two of a kind, as we settle down to count costs. As a result of th... Continue

1.      The death of a priest

Did you ever ask yourself why the death of a priest is a phenomenon that carries along with it... Continue

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